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"Life is glorious and magnificent! My life delivers exactly what I want from it."

While Noeyoni has witnessed the most amazing incidents and gifts, it took her 20 years to understand why. What she now believes is that whether we want it or not, our life is ultimately a manifestation of what we think and feel. Sometimes it is an exact reflection of who you are being or complaining about. At other times, it is guiding us to destinations that we had once intended for yourself, even those that might now escape our memory.

In reality, every soul on earth is loving, caring and joyful. Yet from the time that we are born, incidents and our stories around these events distance us from our beautiful essence. Therefore, while our perceptions of oneself diminishes over time the Universe is asking us, nudging us, coercing us and as a last resort, forcing us to reconnect and align ourselves with our joyful core, so that life reflects that brilliance back to us.

Noeyoni advances the notion of Intentional Living. Intentional living is conditional on our ability to live in the present at all times; to be alert to messages, always; and to create every minute of our waking life.

With this website, you are now privy to Noeyoni's learnings that lend to her present life views, that in turn manifest an outcome that she previously created, intentionally.

Relinquishing control, being trusting, and connected to your joyous core, you too can create a lifetime of events of your choosing.

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