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As You Be (Print)

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In a series of 42 beautifully crafted poems, Noeyoni has encapsulated lessons from her personal life journey in this lovingly designed print book.  Each poem offers an empowering message that shows how a change in our perceptions and mindset can free us from self-defeating thoughts to create a life of happiness and purpose. Open any page, in any order, and discover fresh ways to give up control, master fear, and live in the present. Intentional Living, compassion, joy, and more are lovingly explored and clarified. This is an electronic book of practice, not theory, designed to move us along the path we intend for ourselves. As You Be is to help you realize that, whether you want it or not, your life is a manifestation of what you think and feel. Sometimes it is an exact reflection of who you are being or complaining about. At other times, it is guiding you to destinations that you had once wanted for yourself.

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