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Judgment (Conviction) Versus Intuition (Instinct)

Posted by Noeyoni on 10/14/2017

Why did I choose to give up my prerogative to judge? What is judgement anyway?

What I refer to as judgement is the act of perceiving an action, event or decision through the filter of our perceptions and beliefs. It is unlike our instinct which is our fight or flight reaction to what we sense.

How do we discern between the two?

How does judgement operate? Judgement is an intellectual exercise wherein our brain analyzes what it senses, whether it is through seeing, feeling, hearing or even smelling against beliefs, convictions, traditions, habits and other references that we accumulate over the years. Therefore, judgement starts with our reference to ourself, the “I”. We operate from a lower chakra, fear-based level.

We tend to resort to judgement instead of relying on our intuition if we have a blocked or underperforming sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is linked to our higher mind and intuition as well as wisdom and the intellect. With a balanced sixth chakra, our intuition is strong while with an unbalanced sixth chakra our ability to evaluate is compromised. We lack touch with reality.

Therefore, know that if you find yourself resorting to judgement of another’s actions, beliefs, choices, behavior and so on, it may be time to strengthen your sixth chakra.

What purpose do our judgements serve anyway? Even if it is shared with the object of our judgment, very rarely can we affect another’s choices or actions. What our judgements do is create mental and emotional distance from the other person.

Criticizing those who are judgmental is also an act of judgement.  If we can accept that judgement is an act based in fear, mortality or morality, we can forgive the judgmental. We can instead use the energy that we were using to create this separateness to create compassion, love and one-ness.

The question is, does a lack of judgment create a false “idiot compassion?” Not really, for abandoning judgement allows us to live with direct access to our intuition. Our intuition provides us direct access to wisdom, rather than connections to fear and superiority that is afforded by judgement. By listening to our intuition we can be assured that what we say or how to react will be directed by Universal wisdom.

As I improve my discernment between acting with judgement versus instinct, I have become aware that one is purely an intellectual exercise while the latter is one with direct connections to my guts and heart.  I would argue that by tuning into the wisdom of our intuition, we have better chances of realizing the changes we are seeking than we would have by merely judging others. Let your heart be your guide rather than your fear.

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