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Swim with Life

Posted by Noeyoni on 2/25/2018
Swim with Life
Life, the amazing gift to breathe, think and feel seems like a curse, a terrible burden to some. Why is it so? I would posit that perhaps it is because we have bought into others' stories about life - what it should be, what we should be, what must be so. We are taught that we can "control" life so that it delivers on our expectations, perfectly. When we find that we actually cannot control life, we succumb to feelings of inadequacy and failure. We try harder, take more courses, meditate and pray more. Focus on being "good" a sentiment that we don't really understand, just so as to not jeopardize what we want from life. We are so focused on the outcome of what we want from life, we forget life's most important gift - the very act of living. 
How has that been going for you?
What if I said, life really has no purpose other than to live. What if I told you that you scripted your life even before you were born. Your soul picked the lessons it wanted to learn from this life and created a social structure that it would host those lessons for you.
If you embraced this conjecture, what does that make of your life and the people in it? Can you see how that overbearing boss taught you self-confidence, how the drought revealed how creative you really are, how a devastating event im-memoralized you into existence?
What if this life was indeed a game - a game where your focus is to stay on course and to not give into the many temptations and fears that surround. How would you look at challenges that are thrown your way? Would you still hope to control it?
Instead, consider that life, in every one of its details is a miraculous blessing. Our job is to stay centered on our heart and to use our heart and guts to choose how to exist every minute. The past is always there, tempting us to get stuck in it, reliving our every failure and hurt. The future is always present as well - a huge unknown. However, by focusing on only the present we can enjoy every gift and joy with an open heart, take on challenges with confidence, and keep fears, jealousy and greed at bay. In this manner, we may actually be able to "graduate" from this thing called life with flying colors.

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