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Swim with Life

Posted by Noeyoni on 2/25/2018
Swim with Life
What is life? What should we do with it? We are taught that it is unpredictable and believe it to be so, since we are unconscious while we are alive. If we are willing to break from what we think we know or have been told, we can be free to live life deeply and joyously, as I believe it was meant to be lived.

Judgment (Conviction) Versus Intuition (Instinct)

Posted by Noeyoni on 10/14/2017

Judgement is an intellectual exercise wherein our brain analyzes what it senses, whether it is through seeing, feeling, hearing or even smelling against beliefs, convictions, traditions, habits and other references that we accumulate over the years. Therefore, judgement starts with our reference to ourself, the “I”. Intuition provides a connection to our highest self, our core.

Passion versus Desire

Posted by Noeyoni on 7/1/2016

Our deepest feelings lend to our reality. The feeling of “wanting” has been the subject of many grand love stories that have survived thousands of years.  Yet, would it be fair to say that in fact these two words are fairly dissimilar in their context and message, and that we could do well to refrain from using one for the other. While passion propels us to move forward, desire can distract us from that very path. Therefore, feed your passion not your desires. Acknowledge the intemperance and impermanence of your desires and direct that energy to finding and connecting with your deepest passion, your very reason for living.    

Loving Oneself Unconditionally

Posted by Noeyoni on 1/1/2016

Our relationship with love can be one of our most dysfunctional relationships. We mistakenly look for it outside of us, when in truth, it is a reflection of the love we have within, for ourself. When we connect with our core and learn to love ourselves unconditionally, only then can we experience the love for another that we seek. We are conditioned to be "heroes" and to ignore our inner pain, emptiness, tiredness or discomfort. The world needs less heroes and more love.